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Products Offered

We believe in manufacturing machines that are multifaceted in their utility, and can suit the needs of different industries, and offer unmatched performance and longevity. The gamut of commodities that we offer are:

  • Material Handling Equipments
  • Hand Pallet Materials
  • Hydraulic Trolleys
  • Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks
  • Hydraulic Stacker
  • Electro-Hydro Stacker
  • Paper / Plastic Roll Lifters
  • Manual Hydraulic & Battery Operated Pallet Trucks
  • Drum Lifters
  • Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck
  • Hydraulic Beam Lifting Pallet Trucks
  • GMP Model Hydraulic Hand Trucks
  • GMP Model High Lift Trucks
  • High Lift Pallet Trucks
  • Drum lifting Stacker
  • Hydraulic Mobil Floor Cranes
  • Sugar Salt bag Trolleys
  • Flat-form Trolley, Warp Beam Trolley, Drum Trolleys


We have a state of the art production facility which is equipped with the latest machinery and equipment that  modern technology has to offer. These machines are sourced from certified vendors with considerable market presence. Also, our production line is equipped with the latest instruments and monitoring systems, that essentially eradicate any inherent flaw that might have seeped in the components. Furthermore, a team of skilled technicians utilize their expertise and years of experience to innovate and design ground breaking products at our facility.

Quality Assurance

Being a consumer-centric organization, the prime focus of our operations is to provide maximum customer satisfaction in terms of quality, durability and performance in our products. To achieve that, we follow a robust quality assurance policy which involves evaluating the quality of components before being sent to the production line. Further segregation occurs during production stages to weed unnecessary and faulty equipment. Then a final inspection is performed accompanied by performance tests, prior to products being packaged and shipped, to guarantee you flawless results. 

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